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Thread: Is this proof of big cats?

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    That cat has a long tail, lynx doesnt...... it's something alright but not a lynx, perhaps one of these popular expensive hybrid cats that are becoming very fashionable...
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    Looks like a cheetah to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    Looks like a cheetah to me
    +1 that would be my guess

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    It's a bugger, the chap says so in the video
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    Danny Bamping, from the British Big Cats Society, identified the creature as a Bengal Leopard Cat and is most likely just someone's pet.

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    There's plenty deer in that area, both roe and muntjac along with a high density of phesant. So food is plentiful. Perhaps I'll see it next time I'm over there?

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    Def a cheetah
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    It amazes me as to how many Aussies are lurking on this forum as members of the Secret Squirrel Society.

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    Cheetah from tail carriage and markings?

    Cheetah from gait and body top line where spine slung low in the front shoulders?


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    Looks too heavy set and not leggy enough for a cheetah. Although I'm no expert.
    My money is on some type of domestic "exotic breed"... If there were real living, breathing big cats at loose in Britain on the scale and in the areas that some people believe, then there would be more and better evidence than the quarterly release of a shakey video or blurry picture of something
    I don't doubt there are many people in amongst the loonies and attention seekers who do genuinely believe they've seen a big cat. I even believe a small number of these honest witnesses aren't mistaken.
    But I don't believe there's a sizable breeding population of big cats living constantly in the British countryside.
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    Cheetah cross? god knows what. There was a fella from Perth area on here a few years ago with excellent photos of tracks in the snow.
    they were defo some big cat.
    They must be out there.

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