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Thread: Forest fires and bears

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    Forest fires and bears

    I had posted some photos of where I was scouting for bear and wild boar a few weeks ago. This week, one of those spots is on fire. Tuesday, I went far east of there, into mountains where I share a cabin on a lake as one of my other hunting "camps", after getting a call that they were evacuating homes and the fire was only a quarter mile from my place. I blew away all the leaves and had hoses to wet things down, but it did not threaten me. It was right up within a few feet of other homes, some really expensive, where people live full time, but fire crews kept the houses soaked from trucks all night long and beat it back until helicopters could attack the fire with dips from the lake. It burned from about 1,000 yards away to another 300 yards closer this morning and is still burning a little tonight.

    I went up to get a closer look in the dark, and ran into a big bear, about waist high at the shoulder, well over 400 pounds, maybe 500. I took a few photos as I backed off for my truck, so they are a little fuzzy, and I may not post them.

    But here is the fire over near where NC, TN, and GA come together, and the fire across from my place, with the helicopter dipping water about 75 yards from me. This particular pilot was really hustling his Huey, just ripping from the lake, in a ravine between big hardwood trees, his bucket just a few feet in the clear, so as to waste no time getting to the flames on the side of a wooded cliff rising 900 feet above the lake. "My fire" is about 800 yards in front of this chopper, with a stiff wind blowing smoke his way, and you can see how smokey it was down on the lake.

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    Oooops. I posted this in the wrong forum.
    Well, here is video, taken from about 100 yards in front of my cabin, up the road, closer to the fire.
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    Gatlinburg, TN forest fire

    The fire near my place in the North Carolina mountains, which was 60 acres when they called me, 300 when I arrived, 3514 when I left four days later, was stopped by 20 mph winds pushing it back on itself and 800 firefighters stopping it a road downwind.

    But Monday, a small fire within sight of my Tennessee home was fanned by 70 mph winds, and overran the town of Gatlinburg, burning up about 85 homes along the way, then another 250 homes and businesses that night. A band of ran showers stalled it, and they were holding it yesterday, until the first real rain in 85 days dumped a two inch, all night drizzle on things. I know some of you have been here for vacation, and will recognize some of the burning hotels and restaurants.

    Evacuations from wildfires in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Vonore and Tellico Plains. Shelter information here: #WATE

    Monday night, fire sweeps over the Park Vista Hotel

    Some still photos from yesterday afternoon. A National Guard helicopter counted 300 homes and businesses destroyed. This is a very small town, nestled in the mountains, only about 10 blocks long and almost just one street wide because of mountains and a large stream running on the other side.
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