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Thread: Arran Opportunity

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    Arran Opportunity

    Forestry Commission Scotland invites tenders for the rights to shoot over parts of the National Forest Estate land on the Island of Arran.

    This is a one off opportunity for an organisation/company to work with Forestry Commission Scotland in offering deer stalkers the opportunity to gain experience in an upland, woodland environment.

    The Guide price of 9000 per annum plus vat

    The anticipated commencement date will be 15th August 2010 with completion by 31st March 2011 with the possibility of further 1 year periods, but not totalling more than 5 years.

    The annual cull target is 70 red deer.

    To apply please download and complete the attached Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and return to the address below no later than 23 July 2010.

    Site viewing will take place on the 14th and 15th of July.

    For further enquiries regarding this contract please contact Evelyn Duffy or Margo McGinnies at

    Forestry Commission
    Scottish Lowlands Forest District Office
    Braidwood House
    ML8 5NE

    Tel 01555 660190

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    Well it looks like all the barrels are pointing in the one direction happy bidding every one. If you look on the same site you will also see a few nice contracts for any one who fancys ago at real deer management.
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    i cant open the link, can you cut and paste it from your explorer please


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    Quote Originally Posted by Choc View Post
    +1 thanks

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    9 grand!!! You would need to get about 130 a beast to cover your inital cost,then you fuel,ammo,accomodation ect!!

    Not had a tender before,but bu**er that!

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    Seems to be a loaded Tender.

    Are you an organisation/company???? Guess who is winning this? I have no issue with BASC getting the tender for another 5 years, but this is really insulting my intelligence, and I dont have much.

    If I was a naught boy I would hope they get ****ed just for trying to be smart.

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    I went last year and the guys on the ground do the best they can although if this is a profitmaking venture for BASC or not I cannot say. If they sold the stalking on on a no shoot no pay basis it could get interesting. We only saw 2 beasts during the 5 day trip and did not get to a shot (it had been too wet for the previous month and they were not showing, BASC could have informed us of this in advance but were just filling places). Not really a beef but heading in that way as I do not have the money to burn anymore.

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    Well the government have backed the scheme through the wild deer a national approach and BASC are already mentioned (bottom of page 15) Also BASC have been re advertising the scheme suggesting its a done deal. If it is in fact an opportunity for people to sample deerstalking may be it will be for members and none members alike that would be very interesting.

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    Is this statement normal "Deer culled within the permission area by the permission holder will becomes the property of the FCS"

    Surely that means that you are paying 9k + VAT for a year (Which by my calculations is closer to 7 months) with no chance of any sort of return?

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