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Thread: DIY Roe skin curing

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    DIY Roe skin curing

    Righto gents,

    Having a bash at preparing a skin for the first time & so far have stripped off all the excess flesh & membrane etc before giving it full covering of salt to get the moisture out

    Bare in mind, this is only going to be used for training my dog & doesn't need to be top quality /wall mountable... as you can probably guess by the shape it's in

    Anyway, how often & roughly how many salt/clean/dry repetitions should I be looking at? Anything else I can use it add to finish it off ?

    I am aware of the taxidermy kits out there but I'll maybe try that next time, just looking to see what I can get by with for a first attempt.


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    Oh please keep us up to date with how this goes as I may have need of your experience in a week or so!
    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    Me too - it seems a shame to throw a nicely marked fallow skin away. Skinned a muntie this week and it has alomost as many legs as your one in the pic!

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    check out brain tanning,every animal has enough to tan it,i might have a go myself this winter ,lovely coats on the roe.

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    Thanks gents,
    The head is away so can't use the brain but one for the future me thinks.

    The other links of diesel/odourless parafin paste sounds easy enough. I'll give that a go.

    Quote Originally Posted by tarponhead View Post
    Skinned a muntie this week and it has alomost as many legs as your one in the pic!
    I was planning on stitching it all back up stuffed with straw, similar to Niels Sondergaards idea for making a dummy...well that's the plan...spider Roe...

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    All my Mrs does is put household table salt on the skin until all the moisture is removed.
    She has done this with red and roe skins used as rugs and wall mounts.
    Cheers MW3

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