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Thread: Napier VP90 sachet angst

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    Napier VP90 sachet angst

    Saw some of these sachets in my local agricultural store. Didn't realise they'd be so expensive (although at 6, cheaper than Amazon!). I bought 2 as I have 2 cabinets.

    Could I get the backing off the adhesive tape? No I bloody couldn't. The first one, with the aid of a utility knife, eventually succumbed after a fashion but the second refused to play ball. I think I'll have to duct tape them to the doors.

    Hope they do something anyway. I've got dehumidifiers in both cabinets anyway but still find mould on the woodwork and spots of rust

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    throw half a dozen of those little bags in that you get with shoes/leccie stuff,and make sure everything is dry or room temp before storing,

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    I just got some of these from Amazon -

    Sling a load in your cab and you should be fine, I've not had any problems (so far, and long may that remain the case!) even with taking my shottys down to the shoreline for wildfowling.
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    I buy this sort of thing:

    But they don't last that long and it's so cold in my gun cabinet(s) that I need all the help I can get.

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    Silica Gel products are a great idea for absorbing moisture but just be aware that the stuff is extremely toxic to dogs.

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    you could also try insulating your cab,ie lift off floor if concrete/stone stand on a piece of kingspan/polystyrene or insulate the insides with something simular ,or an heater in the room?it can be difficult with it being a lump of steel.

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    If you can, safely, wire in a pygmy or other low wattage light bulb and leave it on 24/7. It'll solve the problem. Or have an electrician make up one one a socket, block of wood and stanard 13 amp plug on the other end.

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    Fitted an electrical enclosure anti-condensation heater to my cabinets - only run them when temp drops.

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    I cannot remember which sachets I was using at the time but they were an absolute disaster - they were in 2 separate parts, the crystals in the top and the liquid being collected in the bottom - the sachet leaked and all the barrels lost their blueing and the liquid ran down the stocks leaving black streaks which could not be removed without refinishing the wood stocks. I also had to refinish the barrels and have them reblued. Luckily none of the liquid got into the bores as, if it had, I would have needed to rebarrel the rifles as well.
    I now have heaters in all my cabinets as per John Smith above and would never go back to sachets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    throw half a dozen of those little bags in that you get with shoes/leccie stuff,and make sure everything is dry or room temp before storing,
    I've got the Napier sachet in mine (had to tape it too and bottom though due to that stupid double sided thing) but I too through in the silica sachets - can't hurt - also, as mentioned, a thermal break from anything cold (like an outside wall or concrete floor) will help no end as it prevents cold-bridging
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