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Thread: .44 peitta muzzle loader.

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    .44 peitta muzzle loader.

    This .44 peitta muzzle loader is for sale at 90.00 ono a good starter to practice with to see if you like this type of firearm a chance to try it out cheaply as a appose to buying brand new one costing any where from 350-600+

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    Remington reproduction - excellent and great price!

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    Do these need to be detailed and need good reason etc on an FAC? I understand that some black powder muzzle loaders can be acquired via a shotgun cert?

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    they can only be put on sgc if they are smooth bore.
    the .44 Remington advertise has a rifled bore and needs a fac.

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    And to be put on an SGC in addition to it being smoothbore it also:
    • Has to have a barrel not less than 60.96 cm (24 inches) in length and does not have any barrel with a bore that exceeds 5.08 cm (2 inches), in diameter and
    • must not have a magazine, or a non detachable magazine capable of holding more than two cartridges and
    • must not be revolver gun.....

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    So this is, in every sense of the wording, not in any respect a shotgun-like thing at all. In the slightest. Makes sense! Thanks again for the info. Lovely gun, though. Is it a Navy or Army version?

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