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Thread: Copy of FAC at all times?

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    Copy of FAC at all times?

    When driving to and from Stalking rights, or transporting rifles in any way, should the original FAC be with you, in the event you are stopped by the police.

    I currently don't, but i have a .pdf copy on my phone, and a photocopy of the original cert in my jeep.

    Is this good enough?
    I know the original FAC is required if going to a RFD to purchase ammo etc.
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    I would have thought a copy would be fine when you're in transit, if you dont want to bring the original.

    I generally do bring the originals, but only because I havent been organised enough yet to make copies!
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    I rarely carry mine as they have computer systems to check.
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    I believe the answer is that there is no legal requirement to carry it, and if you don't have it the police have no legal power to prevent you continuing or to seize your equipment. Notwithstanding this, it is very likely that the police have standing orders to seize any weapons they come across and worry about the legalities later.
    A friend of mine had a day's shooting ruined and a lot of hassle when the police confiscated his shotguns at the roadside in such a situation. It was quite obvious they were legally held and he was wearing breeks. No apology followed.
    I'd take the original and remind them that you are not required to have it on you if asked.

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    I understand the legal thing is that a police officer may take the guns if you do not have your original FAC with you. A copy of your FAC is not the same thing.

    However, I gather your FAC details are readily available on the police computer, so provided they have a signal and can communicate with it and you can convince them of your identity, that should be adequate.

    I am sure individual officers will interpret that differently given the particular circumstances of the situation.

    If I am going to my local permissions I do not take the original; if I am travelling further afield, I have a permission on the other side of the country or I am going 40miles away to the rifle club range I take it...

    If they were confiscated locally it is not too much hassle to go to the local station to pick them up...if it is the other side of the country that would be a pain.


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    My understanding is that if you can not show your certificate to a police officer when asked they have the right to take your guns from you until you can show them your certificate

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    There no legal requirement to have a FAC with you while in possession of Sec 1 firearm, there is legal requirement have your SC while in possession of shoguns
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    Before any more misinformation is posted on this subject this is the relevant section of the Firearms Act 1968

    48Production of certificates

    A constable may demand, from any person whom he believes to be in possession of a firearm or ammunition to which section 1 of this Act applies, or of a shot gun, the production of his firearm certificate or, as the case may be, his shot gun certificate.

    If a person upon whom a demand is made under this section fails to produce the certificate or to permit the constable to read it, or to show that he is entitled by virtue of this Act to have the firearm, ammunition or shot gun in his possession without holding a certificate, the constable may seize and detain the firearm, ammunition or shot gun and may require the person to declare to him immediately his name and address.

    If under this section a person is required to declare to a constable his name and address, it is an offence for him to refuse to declare it or to fail to give his true name and address.

    Quite straightforward really.


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    You just need to prove you have a certificate, being able to quote the license number should be good enough to cross reference the PNC check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranhill View Post
    there is legal requirement have your SC while in possession of shoguns
    Is this right?

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