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Thread: Nearly there

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    Nearly there

    I have been steadily buying bits of reloading gear ready for the .204.
    I have a Lee Press on route along with a powder measurer.
    I have a FL sizer die the de primer and neck sizer die along with the seater.
    Bought a de burring tool and pocket primer cleaner.
    Lee re loading manual
    Rubs hand primer
    Ultra sonic cleaner.
    50 cases of .204 that I bought ready prepared.
    70 fired cases from my own rifle
    And 30 un fired home loads.
    Funnel and some lube also on route.
    I have the load data of the loads I have.
    I am still learning the best way to start.
    So what would be my best route?

    I'm unsure how many times the cases have been used.
    Do I FL re size them all and start a fresh?
    Buy new cases?

    I haven't bought scales yet. Any recommendations?
    Do I buy a case trimmer?
    Sometimes you can read to much and end up with conflicting opinions.

    I have a 21in barrel and looking to follow suit in the H4895 powder. V Max 32g
    Unsure on which primers to use.
    I hope to be ready to start loading at the Christmas holiday.
    Any advice or help would be good.

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    Buy a set of beam scales and a cheap lee case hand trimmer and you are ready to go

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    And 30 un fired home loads.
    I was taught never to shoot what you have never loaded yourself except factory ammo.

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    Read the Lee reloading manual and start reloading. I still have my original Lyman manual that i read carefully before i started reloading. Reloading ain't rocket surgery. Over 40 years later still reloading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    And 30 un fired home loads.
    I was taught never to shoot what you have never loaded yourself except factory ammo.
    100 Rounds are offered in the sale of the rifle when I bought it. I would have been a fool to
    not except. He was well educated and reloaded a lot.
    I have 30 ish left.
    I have read the re loading manual. And will be reading it again. (Having young twins around does distract you)
    mum in no rush to reload. Really looking forward to it. I do have two mates who reload so at least one will be drafted in as I start.
    I am thinking that a good set of beam scales is the right investment. Looking at a second hand set of RCBS 505. Two available at th moment. 70 and auction set.
    Are these best off bought new? Read they need the powder pan that was original as it was set up with the corresponding weight on the opposite side. Chances are it will be the same pan.
    unsure on digital ones.

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    i,m on the Verge as well, dont do what i did and clean deprime resize etc ,before i remembered to check everything chambers and ejects!

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    Most powders are actually most made for accurate volume measurement, so make a few dippers out of redundant cases and spend a few minuits dipping and weighing on borrowed scales, if money short,

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    Powder trickler a great asset.

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    Powder trickler is a good call.

    My Lee Press is on route to me as we type. I have a FL sizer die which is not made by Lee. Will that still fit the press?

    I think I will FL size the prepped brass that I bought. Which leads me to case trimming.
    Many recommendations on a case trimmer?

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    Most dies will fit the Lee press,but you'll need the bushings,one for each die.
    For a case trimmer a Lee Deluxe case trimmer trims and chamfers and is cheap enough
    Youll probably need a powder trickler as well,to make accurate rounds
    Beam scales are around 75,but second hand on auction sites are half that or put up a wanted advert on here.
    As for primers,Rem 7.5 or Fed 205M work well in the .204
    i use 32gr Blitzkings,but if you want to shoot out farther you may want to work up a round with a 39/40gr bullet.
    Crack on and enjoy it.

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