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Thread: Cheap Targets

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    Cheap Targets

    Evening Folks,

    has anyone got suggestions for cheap reactive targets?

    We are trying to get youngsters, partners and newcomers to shooting interested. We have a 100m outdoor range in a quarry so dust and explosions not a problem! However the cost of exploding disc targets is... so any ideas for fun, cheap informal targets very welcome please.

    I apologize if this subject has been asked of members before.

    Thank you


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    Cheap water bomb balloons. Suspended from a gibbet. Water to hang "dead", air only to move about. Or vary the fill to vary the free movement. Small enough, cheap enough. And visible effect when hit.

    And somewhere on You Tube there's a clip about putting poster paint powder in plastic bottles, filling them with air under pressure, and shooting them. I forget exactly how but I know others on here will be along with advice.

    Clay pigeons? No! High velocity rifles, .270 WCF, just shoot a hole through them. They don't shatter as you'd think they ought to. Don't know though if a standard .22RF would break them as never tried that.
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    Pumpkins, melons or other reduced fruit or plastic bottles of water

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    Chalk targets are cheap and give a rewarding 'puff' when hit - eBay have loads in different forms and they don't break the bank
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    Drinks cans filled with best with expanding ammo!

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    Shop brand fizzy drink cans or bottles, personally I use the old fruit method as you don't have to clean anything up

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    We used to fill up plastic bottles with oxy acetylene for a flash and a bang

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    Extra strong mints.

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