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Thread: Washington Dulles Gun Shop

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    Washington Dulles Gun Shop


    got a trip to Dulles coming up 1st week of Jan, any good gun shops recommended close by as i normally go to St Louis and know all the good shops there!

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    Not sure how far you consider 'close by', but 'Loudoun Guns Inc' in Leesburg holds a reasonable selection. It's about 10 miles NNW of Dulles.

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    Good point about close-by! Will have a hire car so 30 or so minutes drive.....will try out Loudoun......thanks for the recommendation

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    I presently live 20 minutes from Dulles Airport and Loudoun guns in Leesburg is the closest and best gun shop in the area to go take a look at say hi to Mike for me. If you want hunting kit then head to the Dicks Osporting goods at the Dulles Sterling mail. However I would prioritize a visit to the NRA museum in Fairfax above these 2 the collection of guns is outstanding and you will find nothing else like it in the world. Next would be the Smithsonian museum of air and space next to the airport which has a sr71 blackbird and space shuttle on display. The best news both are free to visit apart from a $10 parking charge at the air and space museum.

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    There's another Dicks Sporting Goods out past the Pentagon too on a retail estate. I found this one to be better than the one at Dulles. I walked there from Arlington so it's not far.

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    There used to be lots of gun stores in Old Alexandria, including international arms dealers. I have not been there in a while, but there was one good one remaining at the end of the street, right on the Potomac, which dealt a lot in second-hand Brownging shotguns and older FN action Browning rifles, and all the Browning handguns.

    Going out west from Dulles, or south to Fredericksburg, are some good old-time gun stores, with inventories of hundreds of rifles and shotguns.

    NOVA Firearms is closest one to DC. 1389 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22101
    Falls Church, Virginia is probably the closest place with several gun stores.

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