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Thread: swarovski 6x42 last production year

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    swarovski 6x42 last production year

    Does anyone know what year swarovski stopped making 6x42 fixed scopes. I would like to try and find one thats not to old for my .22 rimi.


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    I have Habicht Nova (steel tube) on my .22 it was made in 1994 and carries a 30 year warranty. I don't when they stopped making the fixed mag scopes, maybe 6-7 years ago ? and some of the later scopes had a 10 year warranty.

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    How do you get on with it on your .22


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    I've got one on my .243 more than happy with it probably about 10 year's old

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    Thanks for the feedback��

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    I have a Swarovski Habicht 6x42 and and S&B (made in West Germany). First currently on sako .22rf second on sako .308. Both perform fine.

    I have a have a variable on a .243 which sits one digit either side of 6. I think variable comes into play when you want to go really low or really high.

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    Is there much in it between the S&B and your Swarovski as in clarity and quality.


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