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Thread: Lawrence precision aurora Titanium moderator

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    Lawrence precision aurora Titanium moderator

    Up for sale is my Lawrence precision aurora Titanium moderator

    - it is a deep blued / glossy finish it matches a blaser / Mauser finish
    - M14x1 thread

    rear delrin bush bush is machined out to 16.5MM ( new unmachined bushes can be bought )

    it is marked .223 but it has a 7.8-8.0MM hole all the way thru I have had this on my Mauser M03 6.5x55 for the last 2 years with no problem whatsoever

    It is in great condition I have put about 50 rounds thru it , it has been carried more than it has been used so please don't expect a brand new mod it is used

    im looking for £200 or close offer
    obviously you will need a free slot unless it's RFD transfer

    pictures can be sent by email
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    How much does this weigh? I can't find the spec on the Lawrence website....



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    I have one of these on my 7mm 08 and from memory, weight is around 330 grams

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    Have one on my 7x64. Very nice. I like Lawrences, I have 3...
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    Can you get the thread changed? I'm looking for one with 1/2 UNF and if so does anyone what the cost might be?

    Finally I have a varmint barrel and 16.5 might be just too tight, can you remove the rear bush and use it without?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I believe LP will replace the thread to what ever you want , the bush can be machined out to size or order a new one from LP in the size you want for a bout £15

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    Thanks for that, I'll get in touch with LP and see what it might cost.

    In the mean time have a bump on me.


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    150 I believe to the thread and fit

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    Bump and price dropped

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