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Thread: Ruger Redhawk LBR

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    Ruger Redhawk LBR

    As the title says looking for a .357 Ruger Redhawk LBR
    Cash waiting and slot already on ticket

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    Hi there Keith

    i've got one, I've owned for several years. Sadly it's had very little use, combination of our range being shut down and an accident on my part. I also get my section 5 fix in Belgium, lighter and easier on the body even when shooting 45.
    Ok my Ruger Super red hawk - it's got a set of wolf springs, a belt and holster and about 6 speedloaders, it's in the same condition i bought it, clean and tidy. i'm in central london but can meet at Bisley (preferably) in the coming weeks apart from 2nd Dec weekend. I'm down there usually on century somewhere. i bought the gun with a carry bag, 6 speedloaders, belt and holster for 1,100. i'm not letting her go lightly


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    Hi Tony
    you have a PM


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