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Thread: Last stag of the season

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    Last stag of the season

    Well to be correct it was also the first ... It's been a quiet year really.

    Can't say it was a challenging stalk. First field of our estate, drove past it in the car, pulled onto the grass, grabbed rifle, 3 rounds and sneaked back expecting it to have been long gone, but no, there he was having his breakfast. Steady lean on the wall and bang. Didn't get another chance all week so it pays to take whatever you are offered. Also got to use my Stuart Mitchell knife that I had made for my 50th. He'd clearly been a busy lad in the rut and had lost a lot of weight but other than stinking to high heaven he was in very good condition. Weighed in at the dealer just shy of 200lbs.

    So, on to the hinds.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good work. I know exactly what you mean about taking what you're offered!

    Also only got one myself.

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    I know, he was probably marking the days on the calendar thinking, well, that's as good as over; safe until the Spring. First a little spot of brekkie then maybe a snooze ....

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