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Thread: Yellow moles

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    Yellow moles

    Hi Folks,
    Nothing stalking related I am afraid but I thought I would seek your opinions on an interesting event. My mate is a mole catcher and recently he has caught two yellow/ginger moles both in the same area. I have seen a silver one before.
    I know you get colour variations in most animals and we had a white corbie going around here last year. How unusual/rare is this in moles and do you think it would be of interest to taxidermists or of any value - they are in his freezer at the moment.

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    I've seen a couple of Ginger Beavers but never heard of a ginger mole! Did they smell like damp monkeys, twiglets or fox pi55?
    I even googled it but could only find a species of yellow mole overseas.
    I reckon they would be worth a lot to a taxidermist too. Try one of the taxidermy forums maybe? Don't suppose it makes much difference to them what colour they are due to where they exist!?

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    I found one a few years ago and had a puicture of it published in the Shooting Times.
    I had no feed back or reaction from any of the readers.
    I still have a picture of it somewhere.

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    I think that is an albino mole that is stained by the soil. JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275 View Post
    I think that is an albino mole that is stained by the soil. JC
    Or a special deal on hair dye at Boots the Chemist

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    I trapped moles professionally for many years and never saw anything other than normal moles.
    Seen a few giants among moles.

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    I have caught a few thousand in my time, but only ever caught one white/off white one, but that was in an area where they had been caught in the past.

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    W160EN I am currently working 70 mole traps on various sports pitches and a golf course and in the last twelve months i have caught ginger,yellow a few sandys and my favourite the black and whites.

    Below is just a few of them

    Just a pure white to go and i have got the full set

    I have been trapping moles for about 25 years now and it is only in the last two years that i have been catching coloured ones.

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    Its obvious the little yellow buggers are digging there way out of China


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