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Thread: Sad day - Essex Police

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    Sad day - Essex Police

    Live in a small village that has war memorial so every year on 11/11 there is a ceremony and 1 minute silence at the memorial for rememberance Sunday which is attended by villagers and all the local Cubs scouts etc. Memorial is at a junction of 3 minor roads so in previous years the police have provided road closure for about 10 minutes in order for the ceremony to take police. This year police refused to do it, apparently too busy or two expensive or something. What a disgrace!!

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    I wonder if their forebears, who gave their lives would have approved this avoidable incident, surely they could have come up with something involving CSO.s Special Constables, or the like

    Very sad to read this post.....especially today

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    It's certainly a sad state of affairs when the police con not (Or will not) help to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our children.
    We have had a club clay shoot today and all shooting stopped just before 11:00 so that we could all observe a 2 minutes silence to honour and respect those that gave so much for us.

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    It is quite shameful indeed when people can't spare ten minutes from their busy lives to remember those who are being remembered that gave thirty, forty, fifty years of theirs.

    The clay pigeon thing, Frenchie, hmm, I don't shoot at all on Armistice Sunday. The service does last a good while before and a short while after 11.00 until 11.02 and I find it disrespectful to shoot at all on that day and certainly, if you really, really must at all before mid-day or 1.00pm.

    There's how many Sundays in a year? Do people really need to shoot on Armistice Sunday and, additionally, it's not as if the date isn't known well in advance. Can't it...just for that one given a rest?

    My mother, a War Widow at twenty-four years old of WWII who re-married after, watched the service each year an TV and although a shooter herself could hear the "bang, bang, bang" of the clay pigeon club from the next village during the service and thought it unsympathetic and ill judged.
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    You should have blocked the three roads off, I bet they would have turned up then. It would probably have been about 1pm.
    Absolutely disgusted!!!!!
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    Don't worry we did block the road, a few of us who are not the smallest of people stood in the road during the the actual 2 minutes silence, cars seemed happy to stop and wait.

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    what happened to "Less we forget" !!

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    Funny you should say that as that was my exact thoughts when they read out those three words during the ceremony

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    what happened to "Less we forget" !!

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    John Maxwell Edmonds (21th Jan 1875–18th Mar 1958)
    'When you go home, tell them of us and say
    For your tomorrows, these gave their today.'

    The local Police couldn't give 10 minutes out of their day? Very sad and disappointing.
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