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Thread: great stalking to let

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    great stalking to let

    ive just see some stalking going back on the market in the shooting times.
    i dont know how much it will be. but i've stalked it a many times when it was ran by the estate. and collin cerr was the head stalker. if any one is looking to run a syndicate this could be the one for you? and i might just be intrested in joining id love to run it but i just dont have the time. there is red roe and a lot of fallow but i dont know the cull figers.(it will be a lot)

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    Ahh no it well, used to stalk it with clients on a regular basis on my own and with Colin, who is a great guy. It dosnt suprise me that it is back on the market as I heard that those who were stalking the main area in the middle of the estate had made a bit of a pigs ear of it all. Only trouble is they wanted in excess of £20,000 for it last time, and I believe it went for £23,000 .

    Thanks but no thanks, you will never get a return on the ground even with the amount of deer present. However if you have a big enough syndicate it would not be a problem, but I believe the estate did not want a large syndicate running around on the ground. Maybe they will change their minds second time around, who knows

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    i stalk around the area and its a great place to stalk. but 20.000 is a lot of money.
    again all spoilt by pound notes. it could be managed alot better by some one who loves the sport and not just some one who has a bit of coin. its sad really

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    I think we all know of good areas turning bad because the owner/land agent has gone for the quick win of high rent, over the long term plan of sustainable good quality stalking.

    The deer suffer everytime if high rents are asked for, as the ground gets raped, or a large sindicate is forced to move in with poor accountability, and lack of control in many cases.

    Around here a lot of bits seem to go to rich continentals who pay up to 10 times over the odds for ground, and then either undershoot it or worse rape it for all the good trophy heads.

    ££££££££££££££'s speak everytime to landowners in my experience. Flash the cash and your in

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    Is there a link to this online? Just curious!

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    Ditto, I was wondering where it is you are talking about.

    Dry Powder.


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    Quote Originally Posted by barry thom View Post
    Ditto, I was wondering where it is you are talking about.

    Dry Powder.


    Over at alnwick

    Alnwick Castle Hulne Park Deer Stalking

    Thank you for your email reference the advert in the Shooting Times Magazine. There has been a fairly big response so please accept my sincere apologies for the small delay in getting back to you. With regards to your request for further information I am happy to provide you with the following information about the Park:


    ?******* 3,500 acre walled deer park belonging to the Duke of Northumberland with national renowned stalking famous for its long established herd of deer going back hundreds of years.

    ?******* Expected cull figures:

    ?* 100 - 150 Fallow Deer per annum

    ?* 20 – 40 Red Deer per annum

    ?* 20 – 30 Roe Deer per annum

    ?******* Cull records will need to be kept and submitted at year end.

    ?******* Larder, Chiller, hot water and hand wash facilities are all available and inclusive.

    ?******* Syndicate of up to 8 people welcome and open to discussion.

    ?******* £15,000 - £20,000 + VAT annual lease.

    ?******* All Deer will be the property of the licence holder (usual return approx £7,000 - £10,000 per annum).

    ?******* Year one honeymoon lease followed by a 3 year rolling lease.

    ?******* Notice period 1 year from year 2 onwards.

    ?******* N.B. The Estate is a shooting estate and therefore priority must be given to shoot days above stalking. This covers approx 30 days of the year from November –* the beginning of February.

    ?******* This lease is for the total management and long term conservation of the Park’s Deer.



    If you are interested in the above we would like references on any previous stalking leases along with confirmation of Deer Management Qualification levels 1 & 2 along with a Deer Stalking Management Plan proposal & a brief CV of stalking experience.

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    I think that I must be missing something there, why would anyone want to subsidise an estates deer park to the tune of £10,000 pa out of their own pocket?. JC

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    Hi, I suppose it is feasable if you have a massive client base including a lot of wealthy europeans, but it would take a bit of setting up with only one year to start with but im sure there are folks out there that have that kind of setup.

    Dry Powder.


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    Well it has a wall round the inner part of the estate, and its 13 miles around the wall, although the integrity of the wall is lacking in some places. Then theres the land outside which was chopped up into areas to let. Its not the type of park that you might think of like Woburn. However its a huge amount of money for the stalking, and I believe the outgoing stalker/stalkers struggled to get anywhere near the cull. All together I think his grace has in the region of 180,000 acres.

    There are some terrific heads on the ground, its a pity Colin lost his job due to redundancy, he is a good man, and a damn good stalker.

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