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Thread: Sako Finfire Varmint 22LR

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    Sako Finfire Varmint 22LR

    Gents .
    Due to lack of use, I have decided to sell my beautiful and beloved original 22 Sako Finfire.
    Rifle has a shortened varmint profile barrel (done by Richard Pope) It in lovely condition and shoots fantastically well.
    (The pictures don't do it justice TBH)

    The rifle comes with a moderator - leather rifle sling and nice padded gun bag. Also some ammo if collected


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    Still here guys. Someone is going to get a fantastic rifle here.

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    Keep will regret it at some point in the near future

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    nice rifle.

    to good to sell. plus they don't make them like this any more.

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    you will regret selling it !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    you will regret selling it !

    + 1 that's a decent bit of kit, let it gather dust, you'll have a use for it quicker than you think

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    I lads. I know , but it has been gather dust for two years with only the occasional trip out - approx. once or twice a year.

    I must say, I am having second thoughts after getting it out of the gun cabinet.

    Thanks - if it goes when someone will get a beautiful rifle. I if not , I will happily keep hold



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    For clarification - it is fitted with a SAKO mod.


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    If I didnt already have my quad in 22LR I would snap your arm off for this! GLWS

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