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Thread: 7x57 bullets

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    7x57 bullets

    I've found it hard and expensive to track down a decent supply of factory ammunition, so I plan to try reloading. What bullets would you suggest for roe? My rifle has a 1:10 twist and a 23 inch barrel. Thanks.
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    At what distance, MR, at what distance?

    Classic "Brit" hill stalking load was the one Rigby marketed as ".275 Rigby" a 140 grain bullet at 2,600 or 2,700 or thereabouts. For woodland stalking you might try something slower and heavier such as the 173 grain at 2,500 fps.

    I guess that the middle ground is 160 grains which is also in metric 10 grammes.

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    It's typically open ground stalking; anything from around 40 yards out to nearly 200.

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    I'd go 150 or 160. No harm in 140 either. All will work well. If you're not concerned with any continental 10 gramme game law then all will work.

    Except IMHO 140 (and 150) are too much like trying to be the .270 WCF but not quite as fast.

    For that reason I'd mark it out as a true 7mm and take advantage of that and go for 160 grain at, say 2,600fps. Mild and yet flat enough out to your longer mentioned distance.

    Or you could even go to 173 grain...just to be different and just because you can. You're lucky whatever weight it'll do the job!
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    The Speer BTSP, is a nice bullet, there is a 130 gn, 145gn and a 160 gn, they are nice and soft and have good BC's. I'd go with the 130 for roe..

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    Found 130/140 best al round weight, Sierra 140 been good for me

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    No bullet will make the 7x57 Mauser into a 7x64 or 7mm Rem Mag, but with the right bullet, it will take a lot of game inside 200 yards.

    If I had to pick one bullet for everything in the deer class, even large red deer, it would be a Speer 145 grain, probably the BTSP one, which shoots very flat and very accurately. But the Sierra 150-gr GK sitting on top of a full case of H-414 or 4350 is great, too.

    The do-it-all bullets are the Hornady 154-gr Interlock, and tough 160s: Sierra 160-gr GK BTHP, Speer Hot Cor 160 gr, Nosler 160 gr Partition, and Speer 160-gr Grand Slam. Jack and Eleanor O'Connor killed sheep, wild boar, large bears, every kind of African antelope, leopards and Bengal tiger with 160-gr Speer at 2,600 FPS. The 160s are a bit tough for smaller deer, so I am getting a bit off track from what the OP asked.
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    I shot a mule deer this weekend at 225 yards with a 120 grain Game Pro @ 2800 fps using my 7mm-08. It was bedded on a uphill slope giving me a very narrow window to shoot as it faced away from me but at a slight angle. The bullet clipped the back of the left foreleg as it was tucked back towards the spine. The bullet proceeded through the chest and blew out the very front section of the right shoulder. Devastating. The deer was dead on the spot. I've taken a number of deer with these bullets. Slap, bang, dead. Cant' say enough about these Game Pro's.~Muir

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    The Sierra 120-gr Pro Hunter and the Nosler 120-gr Ballistic Tip work well inside 200 yards at 2,650 fps - a very mild load, but can be easily loaded up close to 3,000 FPS in 7mm-08 and 7x57 Mauser. The 7mm Nosler PT has a thicker jacket than the 140-gr PT, so it is not explosive, very accurate, and at 2,800 to 3,000 FPS, very flat shooting. My son started his whitetail hunting with the mild loads inside 200 yards from a 20-inch Model 70 carbine in 7mm-08. For deer most hunting, I would just use the 120-gr Sierra, as it is half the cost of the Nosler, so you can practice more with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    No bullet will make the 7x57 Mauser into a 7x64 or 7mm Rem Mag, but with the right bullet, it will take a lot of game inside 200 yards.
    A Woodleigh Hydro will turn the 7x57 into a TIGER believe me it will punch way above its weight but in this case for Roe its probably a bit too much.
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