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Thread: Hello - new in

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    Hello - new in


    Hobbit here - nickname from a love of ale, good food and the fact that I have never troubled a basketball court or the second row of the scrum in my life

    Mainly shoot target/clays - have shot game in NZ a long while back, not experienced by any means - have FAC and shot gun licence, I have 2x .22, a .357 lever action, a CSR .223 and two .308's - one target, one sporting and a couple of 12g

    Getting into the sporting/game side

    Have had a few great days this year on the pigeons and a couple driven and one walked up day at a nearby shoot - just listening and learning at the moment

    Aiming to do DSC 1 in near future - I have learned a lot on the target side from UKVarminting - Heard great things about the site and looking forward to picking up any tips I can from you guys here on the sporting side here



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    Welcome, small man.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    welcome matey some good lads on here

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    I only read as far as 'love of ale' - do you brew your own?

    welcome to the SD


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    welcome top site loads of good info and advice

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    Thanks Guys

    Geoff - I actually used to brew beer as a teenager - my uncle taught me - nothing flash but a kit from boots, a 60l drum, immersion warmer etc
    Results were perfectly acceptable - got out of the habit when started travelling for work so these days I do my patriotic bit to support our brewing and pub owning industry


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