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Thread: .22 hornet factory ammo overpressure problem

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    .22 hornet factory ammo overpressure problem

    Hi all I don't normally post in this section but I've bought a new to me Anschutz 1730 .22 hornet rifle circa 1990 vintage from the date codes the bolt number also matches the serial number I tried it this weekend with factory hornady 35g v max ammo the rifle had been de coppered , cleaned and also pulled thru twice with a bore snake so there were no remains from cleaning

    10 X shots total put thru

    4 X of those shots have split the base of the brass around the side so nearly causing the rear of the case so completely separate these were not consequtive shots but just random in with the 10

    the other 6 shots have just marked the brass as in it looks more indented on one side compared to the other side

    ive stopped shooting it and it's off to the gunsmith or back to the gun dealer depending on outcome

    I'm not a reloader so I don't know too much about the ins and outs of ammo but what would cause this to happen ?
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    Whilst it's possible the ammunition is to blame, I would suggest having the barrel inspected, to make sure there's no corrosion, or rust, causing excessive pressure.

    If it wasn't so bad, I'd suggest putting a round or two over a crono, and comparing actual speed to expected.

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    I know older 22 hornets actually had a bore of .223 and not .224. I don't know when they changed mind you, or if that could cause your issue. Just an idea.

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    .223 bore have not been an issue since.... the 1950's? Even so, I have shot my 1941 218 Bee with only .224's and had no issues. If a change in ammo doesn't cure it, it's the rifle.~Muir

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