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Thread: For sale: Sussex Armoury Side by Side

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    For sale: Sussex Armoury Side by Side

    I need to clear some space in the cabinet so reluctantly this one will have to go.

    A 12g Sussex Armoury "Heritage" SBS Ejector with 26" barrels choked & with 2" (70mm) chambers.

    Double trigger, auto safety & straight hand stock. Bores are very clean & unmarked.

    As you can see in the pictures most of the colour case hardening is still present & it's generally unmarked apart from a little wear to the bluing on the barrels.

    Made in Italy sometime in the 80's I believe. Lovely light game gun, comes up & shoots very well.

    Its just been valued at 350.00 but I only want 200.00


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    Lovely little gun there, just wish I was closer.just right for a walk round the boundaries.

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