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Thread: Silka Malc

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    Silka Malc

    I have just returned from my first ever deer stalk with Silka Malc. I really enjoyed the mornings stalk. Malcom took me to his west sussex estate land where we stalked through some wood land. We saw plenty of sign of deer activity and right at the end of the stalk the dogs body language changed and we spied a nice fallow at about 80-90 yards. He was brought down with my first shot through the shoulders and didn't move at all. Very happy to take my first deer on my first ever stalk. Thank you Malcom looks forward to our future stalks


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    Well done, great result for your first stalk!

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    Well done mate, may it continue,


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    NICE ONE. good shooting i hope it is the first of many to come.

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    Nice one Danny ,Malc got me my first Fallow there as well .Youl be back its a great estate and Malc,s a great teacher atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Well done Danny. It was good to meet you this morning.

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    Nice one Danny, congratulations on your first deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie092 View Post
    Well done Danny. It was good to meet you this morning.
    Same to you mate hopefully meet you on a stalk again soon matey

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    Well done, congratulations!

    You couldnt ask for more than that on a first outing, and sadly its that that gets you hooked haha! I speak from experience on that one!!
    "If you're shooting badly, you need a new gun. If you're shooting well then you deserve a new gun."

    Self confessed Schultz and Larsen addict.

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