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Thread: Petition: close shops on Boxing Day

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    Well I do fear that all the old traditional holidays are going. But, interestingly enough, in France at one time 26 December was NOT a public holiday. Even the banks being open.

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    It still isn't a holiday in France. It's just Christmas Day.

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    I did think that but having spent last winter in Nigeria and the one before that in UK wasn't certain. Haven't had a Christmas in France since 2009 or so. This Christmas will be in France so, thank you, Pine Marten for the input.

    Although, of course, unlike here in UK November 11 (and May 8) are very much public holidays. As, really, they should be here in UK. And Armistice Day at the Cenotaph back to being on 11 November if it was once so?

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    Why should it be a holiday? Total pain in the ass.

    Better just to make the nearest weekend a bank holiday.

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    Christmas day was not an official holiday in Scotland until sometime in the 1970s it was eventually made a holiday because of unofficial absenteeism.

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    Rather than prohibiting it, I think it would be more appropriate to oblige employers looking to open on Boxing day, or any other public holidays, to pay them double time.

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    Treble on Christmas day! Please! Double time is for Sundays and bank holidays. Standard overtime, over hours, is time and a half. Gradgrind!
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    I used to get double time plus another day to take off sometime, which seems reasonable. I really can't see shops closing on Boxing Day, it's such a money spinner for them. But proper compensation from their employers should be the thing.

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    Over 25% of retail sales over Christmas 2015 were made online, but I notice the petition only wants to shut "shops". Imagine if they shut down all the websites and online fulfilment centres as well - there would be an outcry.

    Please, no more online petitions
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