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Thread: Deer or rabbit damage ??

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    Deer or rabbit damage ??

    Evening , I have a site that has some damage on it and we can't work out what has done it ???
    I will attach some photos , they are clean bites which would indicate rabbits as there is no fray etc but they are out the top of plastic tubes!
    CAnt work out how the rabbits if it is are getting up them ?? Or is it deer .
    No hares on site or sheep any where near ???
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    Not the best photos but I'd say deer.
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    Second one looks like pruning sheers!!

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    Muntjac, very clean bite though
    60cm tree tube?Could be rabbits or deer

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    How certain are you about the lack of hares? Looks like hare browsing to me....
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    Looks too straight and slanted and neat as Tim said looks like it's been cut not eaten but chances are if you put up all trail cam you'll find out soon enough regards Benji

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    bit early for making Xmas wreaths yet but does look like it's. been mechanically snipped

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    Foliage collection and Christmas trees in full swing
    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    bit early for making Xmas wreaths yet but does look like it's. been mechanically snipped

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    Pretty certain it's not hares , only roe present and **** loads of rabbits ! They are clean bites but can't believe it's been people , quite a lot have been done .
    My gut feeling is bloody rabbits as I havnt seen many deer there . But can't work out how they are reaching the tops !

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    Clean bites are from opposing teeth. Deer don't have top front teeth, so the diagnostic is a cut with small visible tear. They bite through so far, then tear off. Your browsing shows clean cuts, with no tear; so I'd say not deer.


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