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Thread: Little owl

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    Little owl

    Attachment 76329Saw this little fellow today.

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    Wow what a stunner mate well done that man bazil

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    Found one of them perched next to a hide one day. Mesmerised by the realistic looks of this decoy staring right at it, it flicked it's eyes open and silently flew into the wood. Almost surreal. Not sure who s### themselves most me or the bird.

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    Very nice td.
    Always on the look out for them but they always elude me.
    "He who shoots sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    Very nice td.
    Always on the look out for them but they always elude me.
    There has been a pair in local fishery for over 12 months in the same tree.

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    i watched one of these little fellas for a good hour a couple of years ago,rabbits all over the place but i didnt want to shoot one incase i scrared the owl away,stunning little birds

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    I was set up in a barn overwatching some fox bait, and one landed and stayed on my barrel for about ten (fabulous) minutes. Missed the fox take the bait, but hey ho...

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    We have quite a few little owls around the house here in Essex, they drive the dogs mad at times with there shrill call.
    best one is the tawny owl that has a habit of sitting on the satellite dish arm when you are in the middle of watching a program, normally put up with it for 5 minutes then have to go out and move him on so we can watch tv again

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