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Thread: Any BSA CF2 user s out the advice on mounts

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    Any BSA CF2 user s out the advice on mounts

    Hi All
    i have a BSA CF2 on way to me (Stutzen 7x57)
    was wondering if any of you had any issues with scope eye relief?
    and if so how did you overcome this
    i want to mount a S&B 3-12x50 and was thinking down
    the Apel swing off type as the front ring allows the scope to come
    back to the shooter more .
    the rifle is fitted with 1in Apel swing off now but my scope is 30mm
    thanks in advance

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    Hell 6.5 AFAIK the BSA CF2 is contoured so that Remington 700 mounts can be used. John Knibbs at The Countrystore trading as should be able to confirm the matter. Hope it helps at least save the expense of Apel rings if you change your mounts!

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    I have a CF2 but eye relief or getting the scope low enough has never been an issue. My scope is probably thinner as a S&B 6x40. Get a gunsmith to look at your mounting style before fitting the scope and get the best mounts you can. I also use two other BSA's occasionally and think they are great. The bolt and trigger pull just feels like the right pressure and consistently so.

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    I have a CF2 and use a DNZ one-piece mount that screws directly to the action. They're available in different heights, mine is High and has more than enough room for my 50mm objective. Medium would have been better, but they were out of stock when I bought it and I wanted it sorted quickly.
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    I have a CF2 Stutzen in 270. It had Parker Hale mounts on it when I got it so took them off and fitted Leopold (Remington 700 fit) bases and rings. No problem at all. Just get the right height for your scope. Simple.

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    Remington 700 fit, DNZ on mine,

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    Thanks all looks like I was worrying over

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