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Thread: Lightweight Smock Advice

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    Lightweight Smock Advice

    I am looking a bit of advice, I am in the market for a lightweight windproof and waterproof (showerproof would do but not preferred) smock with a large front "map" pocket.

    The issue I have is that most of the smocks I find are lightweight but very warm that is not what i am looking for, this is to be used with layers depending on the activity. Or they are the right level of warmth and don't have the big pocket.

    I am currently using a fleece type jacket that works great but I would really like the big front pocket.

    I don't mind about the length and am looking for non camo if available.

    thanks for the advice

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    Mil Surplus windproof smock - they are shower proof with some of Diver Dave's spray on waterproofing and if it gets really wet outside you can wear a goretex layer under them, the key is the waterproof layer goes under the smock. Even something like a Regatta "Pack It Jacket" makes a suitable waterproof layer though surplus jackets are available as well. They do come up in colours other than cammo with olive green being available here and there. As a jacket you will not beat them.
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    Anything the Austrian Army use seems to be good

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    Have a look at these;

    I don't have one of these but I do have two smocks (like the army use) and some of their Falkland trousers. The items I have had from them are well made and have lasted a long time.

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    try this

    waterproof, can be reproofed, quiet and comfy to wear, can be warm but just drop down a layer underneath. The older designs had various vents, but they leaked!
    Perhaps the Fuera smock, if waterproof is less important than getting too hot.

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    as flytie says I use this one and works a treat you don't need much gear on to stay warm either, atb wayne
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    Hilltrek would modify one of their range to your spec. I had them put a large game pocket on the back of my heavyweight smock. They're used to these sort of requests from stalkers, gameys etc.

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    Swazi seems to work on a lighter , better ( shorter) model. I've seen some movement on FB.

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    I would have suggested a Snowsled Ventile smock. I have had one for 20 years and still going strong albeit around the edges.

    I replaced it for mountain use with a Bergans Morgedal. It's great, but the front pouch does mean you can't open it up as much as I would like. The one I have is red, but may we'll get a green one for stalking with. It's a tightly woven Ventile type cotton and keeps out the weather but breathes well. If it had side zips it would be even better and that would not be a hard job to do.

    The Fjallraven smocks look really good, but very expensive and not that well made - ihad old pair of Vida trousers - brilliant, but now that they are a mainstream brand quality seems to have fallen off.

    I also have a Deer hunter bonded fleece smock which I use quite a bit. Certainly keeps the wind and rain out, but you tend to sweat in it. Not for active use.

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