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Thread: RCBS or Redding .22-250 dies wanted

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    RCBS or Redding .22-250 dies wanted

    Hi Chaps,

    Imminent approval for a .22-250 has set me on a quest for reloading equipment.

    Any one have a set of RCBS or Redding dies theyd like to sell? any spec considered but preferably a full length sizer.

    Many thank,

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    Hi Joe,
    I have Redding bushing DIE SET.

    Think it is F/L - Body die and seater.. will check when I get home.

    I also have a load of Lapua cases - they have been fired a couple of times but are still in great nick and fully prepped


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    Hi Alan.

    i think is prefer a plain vanilla fl die as opposed to a bushing die.
    out of interest though how much are you after for the dies?

    and im interested in the brass too. How many have you got and how much are you wanting for them?


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    Hi Buddy.
    Just checked - unfortunately its a Neck sizing set I have.

    This is the exact set if your still interested.


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    Thanks for the offer Alan, but I'd like to stick to fl sizing.
    let me know about the brass though.


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    Still looking.

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