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Thread: Best dies for reloading

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    Best dies for reloading

    Hi all,

    Did the usual and started with lee. Now im in the process of getting a new caliber I need to buy some new dies. Looking at getting RCBS but there are several others out there, forster, lyman and hornady being the main other competitors by the looks of it.

    What would people suggest?

    Thanks in advance

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    Also Redding

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    Lee. All the others I've looked at just seem to be trying to find a more complicated way of doing things. Specialist dies are something else. I have a Forster shoulder bumping neck sizing die that I have yet to try and I'm sure it's a work of wonder, but Lee dies just work. There is, of course, no bragging value in using Lee dies or kit, but IMHO, much of Lee kit is as good as, or better than, their competitors.

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    I'm happy with Lee dies in the main, if set properly they will produce very good ammo.
    The only time I have moved away from Lee is for calibers they don't cover, and to try
    Redding S type collet dies, which I like very much, but I except it's just a choice, at the
    end of the day the ammo is no better than Lee makes.


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    What dies would experienced members recommend for a .284W F-class rifle? I have Lee Classic Cast presses to use them in.

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    Lee are good - I use these for my current rifles. I also have Hornady and Redding for future rifles.

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    Redding/Forster/Whidden for me!

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    I've tried them all, Lee, RCBS, Forster aka Bonanza, Redding.

    As others say properly set up there's no issue with Lee. But my criticism of them is they don't suit my reloading methods. I set my dies in my press and then lock the set ring such that I can screw the dies in and out and they always remain as set up. You can't do this with the standard rings that come with Lee dies.

    I therefore was exclusively an RCBS user. I tried Forster aka Bonanza with the sliding sleeve and found that they slowed down loading and, again, for my methods were too fiddly. So I stuck with RCBS until one new product arrived!

    That's Redding's "new" (although these have been available in the past from third party makers for RCBS but never saw them here in the UK) add on carbide neck expanding ball arrived in UK. Via Norman Clarke of Rugby. Tried one and bingo!

    I've now switched all my dies to Redding soleley because of this accessory. I can say that it removes all the squealing and graunching that you get with using a steel neck expanding ball. And even though it meant changing my die sets in .270 WCF and .280 Remington that I already had I did so.

    My rifles are only for staliking so I don't see any need for neck bushing dies and the like. They aren't capable of that sort of accuracy to warrant that nor do they need that sort of accuracy even if they were capable of it.

    The only "odd ball" dies I do keep, though, are a set of RCBS Small Base dies that are useful for an initial size on purchased once-fired brass that's come from a third party. As it restores them to a tighter base dimension that standard dies that DO NOT IN FACT RESTORE TO FACTORY CASE SIZE SPECIFICATION.

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    I reload .270 and 22-250. Lee dies do the job just fine for me
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