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Thread: .308 Win Dies / Brass / Bullets / Powder / Primers

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    .308 Win Dies / Brass / Bullets / Powder / Primers

    [Introduction copied from other thread in Firearms sub-forum.]

    Hello Chaps,

    Unfortunately, my deer stalking "career" has become something of a comedy of errors over the last few years. What started off as an exciting prospect of good hunting and a new branch of shooting to explore has been frustrated at every turn by lack of time, money, cancelled bookings, broken down vehicles, injury and the like. At times, it's felt like someone was conspiring against me!

    The most recent setback came literally on the day I had intended to call the gentlemen who gives me my pigeon shooting permissions, to ask him if I could also have permission to take deer on his land.

    To cut a long story short, I discovered that, that morning, some delightful people with whom I could be said to be distantly associated had set up a pigeon hide at the edge of one of his woods keepered for game shooting (i.e. way, way off piste), the day before a big shoot. Needless to say the landowner, when I spoke to him, wasn't minded to give anyone permission to do anything after that.

    I'd been cultivating that relationship for about 2-3 years, in the hope of gaining permission to stalk there and with that down the pan, so to speak, I'm afraid I've had enough.

    I therefore have the following items to offer for sale:

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    Reloading Gear

    • Lee RGB .308 Winchester Dies with Shell Holder - 10 + postage SOLD
    • [Un-Used] Lyman .30 cal (Long) Neck Expansion "M-Die" for loading cast bullets - 22 + postage
    • Lee Universal Decapping Die - SOLD
    • 2x MTM 50-round Universal Loading Trays - SOLD


    • 113x RWS Unprimed Brass (mostly twice fired; a few thrice fired) - SOLD
    • 63x RWS Primed Brass (Murom primer; twice fired) - 12
    • 48x IMI Unprimed Brass ("IMI 94" headstamp; once fired) - 10 + postage


    • 300x Murom Large Rifle Primers - 4


    • 261g Hodgdon H335 - 15
    • 80g Alliant Reloder 15 - 4
    • 376g Alliant Reloder 17 - 20
    • 251g (Full Tub = 9oz / 255g) IMR Trail Boss - 21


    • 33x Hornady 3010 110gr SP - 6
    • 71x Hornady Interlock 3031 150gr SP - 10
    • 100x Sierra Gameking 2160 180gr BTSP - 22
    • 61x Hornady Interlock 3090 220gr RN - 18

    Obviously, expanding bullets and anything else "on ticket" will require certification and need to be done face to face in the South Cambridgeshire (CB22) area.

    Postage will be calculated upon request - the more you buy, the cheaper it gets and collection is obviously free!

    Images are also available on request. PM me if you want something or have any questions and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    Thanks for your interest,

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    Addendum to the above:

    I received earlier today, an inquiry asking whether I would send the RWS cases, primed and un-primed, through the post. Naturally I refused as it's illegal on several counts and against carrier regulations.

    I was then asked whether I would de-prime the primed cases and send them on. This was a polite inquiry but nonetheless read along the lines of "Dear Sir, Please would you be willing to risk blowing your fingers off 63 times consecutively so that I can have some cheap cases in a manner less inconvenient to myself? Yours sincerely, etc."

    In case anyone is wondering, whilst I will de-prime the odd round when I have to, I do not generally look for opportunities to push a small pin-shaped device into the anvil of a primer liable to explode when manipulated with a small pin-shaped device.

    As it happens, the decapping die I owned was sold last week (see above).

    Subsequent to making that information clear, I was then asked whether I would like to fire the 63 primed cases in my rifle. Apart from the fact that
    a) it would be a complete waste of primers
    b) it would require me to spend time cleaning again a rifle which I've already polished to spotlessness, and
    c) the brass would then become three-times fired instead of twice fired, lowering it's value even further

    I live in the middle of a small town and I have no permissions of my own for stalking - my FAC is on the basis of paid bookings. There is nowhere I can legally load a round into that rifle, bullet in the front of it or not, and fire it, without paying somebody else 50+ for the privilege, endangering what few permissions I have for other kinds of shooting or getting arrested for disturbing the peace.

    On that basis, I will be happy to offer for sale, 63 Murom-primed RWS cases as a collection only item.

    Many thanks.

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    Bump. Need to get this stuff cleared out, so open to sensible offers on any of it.

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