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Thread: thoughts on a 260rem?

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    thoughts on a 260rem?

    I'm looking at rebarreling a .243 Ruger M77 mkII to a .260rem, predominantly for a stalking rifle. Any thoughts/experiences with calibre/bullet weight/twist rate/barrel length from 260 users?
    I homeload btw so would also be interested in favourite powders for the calibre.
    Any opinions much appreciated!
    many thanks in advance

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    Ramshot hunter under a 140gr bullet works a treat. Get a 1:8" twist. 24" will suit a stalking gun well.

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    N150 or N550 should be fine.
    I found N160 too slow in a 22", never got decent velocity with it.

    In the end I had mine rebarrelled to .308, less faff and doesn't do anything too differently...

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    Found a second hand Remington on the web in 260 a few years ago, with 1 in 8 twist. Loves 130 grain Berger's with H4350 behind them.

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    If you handload, the 6.5mm Hornady Creedmoor is fast becoming a better option. 260 Rem (as factory loads and brass) is increasingly scarce as it has never been more than a modest success in the USA and the Creedmoor is now rapidly displacing it. The Creedmoor's big downside until now was brass quality and availability when it was just Hornady, but Norma now makes it (albeit pricey at 1.20 / case), Lapua has already said it will be supplying it from next year and two new US suppliers have started to make the stuff, (one from the Peterson Cartridge Co. already ordered ion large quantities by Viking Arms which is taking trade pre-orders for it right now). Lapua does make 260 Rem brass though, and this is the one to buy if you opt for this cartridge.

    There is nothing between the 260 and 6.5 Creedmoor performance-wise and both are very accurate with good handloads using a bullet the barrel likes, but the latter is better suited to 140gn loads at 2.810" COALs for magazine use, its shorter but fatter case seeing better (ie not so deep) bullet positioning.

    1 in 8" twist is what you want for 120-143gn bullets. The go-to powder for 130s and up in the Creedmoor is H4350, or for something made nearer home Reload Swiss RS62. (RS60 is a killer MV wise, but is a very hot burner that seriously reduces barrel life.) Viht N160 works well in both 260 and the Creedmoor with 140gn class bullets. Hodgdon VarGet / H4350 and Viht N150 suit 120/123gn bullets.

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    I've shot various 260 Rems since '99. I like the 260 Rem a lot and have two at present. Factory ammo for it isn't cheap, but can be sourced with patience. I've had good success with 1:8.5 twist barrels. I favour 120 gr - 130 gr bullets.



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    I've thought about a. 260, I don't home load so what is the price and availability of factory ammo?

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    Anything 6.5 works. Fantastic bullet. For me the 6.5x55 but 260rem almost as good!!

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    John Campbell-Smith and others who use some factory ammo can no doubt answer that - I can't as I handload the cartridge. The US majors bar Winchester list the 260 and a number of smaller US specialist manufacturers load it, often for the American sniper/tactical competitor market. That's Cor-Bon, ABM, Hunting Shack Munitions and Prime Ammunition - but we don't see any of their stuff here as they don't export from the USA. The word on US forums seems to be that Nosler, Federal, and Remington cut back on the 260 during the recent major supply shortages when they largely ditched their lower volume lines to maximise production of the big sellers. Snipers Hide members were recently moaning that Remington hasn't made any brass or ammo for two or three years - the company may have resumed now that things have settled down again, or if not may resume soon given Hillary Clinton's failure be elected as president given the renewed panic buying that this would inevitably have provoked.

    Although several European rifle manufacturers list 260 models, no European ammunition manufacturer loads it AFAIK. Norma and Lapua makes cases, but not ammunition - or to be more accurate none for us as RUAG (which owns Norma) uses Norma to load 260 (and Creedmoor) ammunition under bulk contract orders for Prime Ammunition in the US.

    When it comes to 6.5s, Europe still leans heavily towards the 6.5X55mm. Other forum members who shoot factory ammo might wish to comment on this, but I have a 'feeling' that of all the 6.5s, the old 6.5X55mm likely offers the best variety and availability in our gunshops and at lower prices than that of 260.

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    I'm running a 260 rem with a 26" barrel with 1:8.5 twist, for deer and long range fun.
    Best results at long range with 140 gr berger vld / amax / eld's with H4350 or N160 under them.
    Best stalking results are with pro hunter 120 gr over N160 or super accurate GSC HV (copper) 95 or 103 gr over N540.

    To add to Laurie's comments about brass - Lapua 260 rem brass is now down to 75 per 100 and creedmore is an expensive special order at my local rfd. The other option I've discovered is to re-purpose old 308 cases, down to 260 rem case. I wouldn't fancy trying to get a 6.5 CM case out of a 308, perhaps its easier from another donor case?

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