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Thread: Shooting sticks

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    Shooting sticks

    Thinking of buying new shooting sticks I had a loan of a set of viper flex thought they were great bit pricey does anyone use the Seeland quad sticks would they be as good as the viper little over half the price

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    check out tony,s limulus on here,no connection other than i have a set ,
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    +1 for limulus, great sticks that don't rust or clank when being set up!


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    The best by far has to be

    also probably the cheapest option (still the best regardless of cost)

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    I have the viper-flex 'Journey', they're unsurpassed as far as I'm concerned, but unless you need them to pack down small for travel then maybe the seeland ones will do just the same job...?
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    4 green garden canes and 4 m8 nuts and blots and 15mins equals quad sticks for under £20

    Been making my own quad sticks like this for 10years.

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    I think it boils down too those who can go in the shed, think it through, work it out and can actually be bothered to make a set.

    My home made B&Q sticks stand in @ £12.00 and I can replace any one of the 4 legs for £3.00 or make a new set in 1/2 an hour including drinking a mug of tea....

    Break a £100.00 set and you will be very pissed off.....

    If you don't have a junior hacksaw, sharpie pen, 5mm drill 4 5mm nuts and bolts and a length of cord then

    hit the buy it know button.

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    I've got the Seeland quad sticks. I've only had them a couple of months, but they seem quite sturdy and stable. Maybe not so adjustable as the Viper Flex, but apart from that I can't knock them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    The best by far has to be

    also probably the cheapest option (still the best regardless of cost)

    I will not use anything far the best.............and cheapest.


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    I use the Seeland quad sticks too. In general I think they're very good - only thing I would say is that if you knock them eg with your boot, they do make a slight rattle, and I haven't worked out what causes it. I used the homemade sticks for a while, but prefer the Seeland front support being a horizontal rest, allowing you to move the rifle left and right without moving the whole thing. They're well made and v good for the price.

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