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Thread: Fieldsports Britain.

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    Fieldsports Britain.

    Some interesting points on tonight's show.

    In the news where a 21 year old Polish chap is facing manslaughter charges after he shot a deer in woodland, the bullet passed through the beast and hit a cyclist 300m away.

    The Aimpoint medic section got me thinking too, who carries a first aid kit when shooting? I'd definitely consider one of their kits for my shooting bag. Hopefully never use it obviously but made me think anyway.

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    He should have been certain of his backstops

    I carry a first aid kit as its small and why wouldn't you when your using knifes etc out in a wood etc

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    Yes agreed - The thought did go through my head that it was a young chappy who was may have been a bit more focussed on making a shot than ensuring that it was safe to do so beforehand, but then without the details he may have actually been totally safe and the round ricocheted of a hidden rock in the backstop, or exited the beast at an unexpected angle or or or... Or maybe it was just a totally unsafe shot. Overall just very sad news and multiple lives ruined.

    I do carry a first aid kit in the field, plus a trauma bandage and some sachets of hemostatic granules. I have that all in my grab bag that comes with me every time I go out. I keep my knife, ammo wallet and bolt sleeve in there too, plus any other small odds and sods which are useful in the field, so all I have to do is grab my binos and sticks separately (and rifle natch) and then I wont forget anything.

    I hope to God I never have to use any of the first aid stuff and it ultimately ends up being 50 wasted!!

    Stay safe out there everyone!
    "If you're shooting badly, you need a new gun. If you're shooting well then you deserve a new gun."

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    I hope to God I never have to use any of the first aid stuff and it ultimately ends up being 50 wasted!!

    Stay safe out there everyone![/QUOTE]

    Here's hoping


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    I carry a field dressing and suture kit, just in case. It weighs practically nothing, but just might be worth its weight in gold someday.

    Here's a link to that unfortunate accident, by the way
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    First aid kits are useful but really short of sticking a band aid on or strapping yourself up thats about all they are good for. Its far more important people are fully aware of the risks and make proper plans and procedures for what to do in case it goes wrong. With Stalking being fairly singular its imperative people know where you are and you have a plan should worse case happen. Love Fieldsports channel

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    In the process it went through the forest, over a field and then onto the road where it hit the victim in the head.
    Andrzej Borowiak, a police spokesman, said: "This version is very likely. The gun from which the shot was fired has a considerable range."
    The 21-year-old hunter now faces charges of manslaughter. Further investigation will show if the incident was just an unfortunate accident or if the hunter was negligent.

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    I never shoot from ground level, as it was drummed into me about the importance of the angle of the shot in populated Europe during my jagdschein schooling. USA etc are a different kettle of fish though.

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    its a sure reminder of the backstop necessity, I imagine most European forests to be of a reasonable size, to think that that badly thought out shot, resulted in.. a tiny bullet flying through a deer, followed by a forestry block and into the unluckiest cyclist ever to pedal!
    I will remember it that's for sure!

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    Strikes me as odd that they didn't know he had been shot in the head until the casualty was at the hospital. The report says that the shooter is facing a manslaughter charge and in the next sentence, that further investigations will show if the incident was accidental or negligent. I read into that, that the manslaughter charge is not the only possible outcome.

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