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Thread: Jager contact details

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    Jager contact details

    Anyone able to confirm James' contact details as i think mine may be outdated, thanks

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    Noone in current contact with James?

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    You have PM with contact details.

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    Anyone going to be seeing / talking to James in the next week or two?

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    More than likely tomurrow! Whys that? Would you like a msg passed on??

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    Ys please, there is a possibility that an Edinburgh based RFD could be passing (at a date time tbc) that could save us the hassle of shipping two rifles by courier back to me.

    have tried to catch him on the phone but expect he is busy building stuff.
    if you could ask him to contact me re setting this up....that would be appreciated.

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    Yeah ofcourse not a problem if you pm me you name and number I'll make sure he gets it

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    Happy days...had a good chat, with a fair wind my nice (now black) rifles will be back shortly.
    will have to look out that scuffed up sight next..

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