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Thread: Night Vision Rifle Scope

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    Night Vision Rifle Scope

    Thinking of gettin a night vision scope for my .223 but I have no experience of them. I don't want to end up with something that works poorly but I don't want to spend 8k on one. I heat that the Starlite Archer & Longbow are excellent but wouldn't really need a day/night scope as I'd just use the rifle at night.

    Found this site and they look amazing but at that price I would want to trial one before commiting to buy

    Any advice would be great. I do alot of foxing on foot and alone so its a nightmare dragging a rifle and big lamp with barrety pack around.


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    I have just purchased a drone pro 10X, haven't had a chance to get it on the rifle yet but a couple of friends have them and rate them pretty highly. The customer service from night vision gear uk is supposed to be very good, another reason why I went for the drone

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    I have a drone pro x 10. Top bit of kit for the money.

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    I have pulsar 870 and also a drone pro 10. The drone pro is great on the .223 and definitely gives better image than the pulsar. Because the .223 is so flat range isn't really important however the pulsar is great on my .22 for rabbits as it has the laser range finder built in

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    Morning Gareth1980. I was in your position earlier this year. I wished to add a NV scope to my .223. I did the research, like you're doing and I settled on a Pulsar Phantom White Phosphor, with a 'Doubler'. Although it comes with an IR illuminator, I decided to buy a Laserluchs 5000 to attach. This a afforded better illumination, mainly because the 'Doubler' obscures the IR supplied.
    I have been very happy with my purchase, it works well, and like you I do most of my foxing alone and on foot. I use a Pulsar XD 38 TI as a spotter, the combination is lethal!!!
    Other kit is equally good (some not) so the research is invaluable. Hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,


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    Morning Gareth, you have several choices, but strongly advise you to look through several options before parting with your hard earned. You should try and speak to Clive Ward (Night vision Store) or Carl Moore (night vision Gear) or better still Bruce - Mealie Jimmy - on here before deciding on what's best for you. I have a scope from Carl, one of his MARS units I believe. Tubed as opposed to digital and so seldom require additional infra red illumination. Think it's Brilliant!

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    I use a Longbow , which I think is fantastic and the plus side theres one for sale in the optic sales , which is rare.

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    using the drone 10 x, great bit of kit, hitting targets out past 300 yards and foxes in the 250 yard areas,

    using a sunnranger ir illuminator that allows me to see further than I can shoot, (not in the picture)

    rifle is a custom tikka 20 tactical with the battery for the drone built into the rear section of the stock with the charging circuit built into the base of the pistol grip.

    cant better this IMO:

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    Drone my one is older 5x with doubler but I have the colour screen and added reticles
    Can't fault it
    If want the techno advice speak to mealie Jimmy as briar says ....he built his own & built his own thermals and knows his onions .


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    Thanks for the advice guys lots of people using the Drone Pro then. I hadn't even looked into that one, I'll have a look now

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