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Thread: .308 Bullet Choice

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    .308 Bullet Choice

    Hi all,

    I've been doing a lot of reading up about load development for .308W (and thanks all for the kindly offered advice so far in other threads!) and had a couple of things I wanted to clear up my understanding for.

    Grain weight vs rifle twist; I have a 22" barrel with a 1:10 twist rate, and so far have been using 150gr loads. I've read that for a 1:10 twist rate that a heavier bullet head may shoot better? Should I stick with 150gr or go up to 165gr with that twist rate?

    And if I go up to a heavier grain weight is N140 still the go to powder (appreciate the powder loads will change with the head grain weight)? Or should I look at a different powder?

    Bullet head choice; I'm keen to try the Nosler Partitions as I like the idea of the good expansion married to the good weight retention especially as I will be shooting everything from munties to reds to boar in the next year or so, and I dont really want to be swapping heads around for different species. I have also read lots of good comments about the Sierra Game Kings so wanted to know if anyone has tried both, or if anyone knows how the SGK's do on tougher species like Sika or indeed on boar?

    Now I know there will be people who say "Try them all out and see which is better" and over time I will endeavor to do this, but for an initial load I'd like to make sure I'm not going off half cocked (so to speak!) and picking a bullet head which will be sub-par on boar or a grain weight that doesnt match the barrel as well as another.

    Any and all help appreciated!

    Many thanks,

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    You are probably making this too complex, like I did when I started. I spent hours with ballistics calculators, reading up at etc. The fact of the matter is if you have a bullet that will put a boar on its backside it will work well for all deer in the UK.

    1:10 is tight enough to handle heavy bullets. I have used a .308 for years on deer. I'm currently using 123gr sako because it's all my (soon to be re-barrelled) rifle will group. I don't recommend these as there is too much meat damage. I have used 150gr with good results however I would recommend a bullet with good penetration such as 165-180gr Interlock. The Nosler 180gr Partition, or Sako 180gr Super/Hammerhead.

    Less meat damage, good knock down, one bullet for all deer & boar work.

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    N140 and 150 SGKs will provide almost match accuracy and all the knock-down power you need and work fine in your 1/10 twist barrel. As above, if wanting a do-it-all bullet, the 165gr should work fine and give good penetration. You can use N140 with the 165s. I use it with 190 grain match bullets and achive 2500 fps from a 24 inch barrel.

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    my two penneth, I have used 150 grn prohunters on Muntjac,Fallow,Sika and Roe, the only time I have had a lot of damage is when I have screwed up and hit the spine, other than that I have had no complaints about them, accurate (under 1/2MOA on a range) and I have never not had a pass through even on a double shoulder shot Sika.
    I use N140 too and load them to around 2600-2700fps
    oh, did I mention they were cheap as well?
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    The pro hunters are what i will be using,
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    Your rifle, as described, is eminently suitable for 165gr. Hornady, interbond or interlock. Sierra game king soft points are also very good.I currently use 44.0grs of RE15 with excellent results in a 20" barrel with 1 in 11 twist.Hope this helps.Would also advise using the most consistently available powder in your area.

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    Thanks all for the advice and PM's received, its been really interesting to get your thoughts!
    "If you're shooting badly, you need a new gun. If you're shooting well then you deserve a new gun."

    Self confessed Schultz and Larsen addict.

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    I shoot 165grn Oryx reloads in my .308 . 165grn oryx over 44grns norma 203B. Killed muntis, fallow and red with that loading on my recent trip back to the UK. Have killed boar , driven and high seat, moose and roe. Shot a roe buck a couple of weeks ago and very little meat damage. Will be using the same round in Hungary on boar next week.

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    I use Hornady 165grn SSTs with 44grns of Norma 203-B. I get about 2560 fps out of my 20" barrel CTR which has a 1 in 11" twist.

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    I have been using 308 for nigh on 20 years and have tried most bullet weights in that time between 125g ballistic tips and 180g soft points including 150 and 165g soft points, partitions, ballistic tips, SSTs, interlocks, Hot cor etc. The bullet that stands out as outperforming the rest by a country mile for me is the 130g TTSX launched at 3000fps (this is a mild load and 3100-3200 should be possible). I have never seen a bullet produce such regular dramatic stops with chest shots. Roe generally just drop on the spot and there is very little meat damage, in fact you can eat right up to the hole!

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