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Thread: GSCI WOLFHOUND thermal sight

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    GSCI WOLFHOUND thermal sight

    As per title has anybody seen/used one and what sort of money are they? Apparently available from Canada with no export restrictions.

    Mate is looking for some information.


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    Ģ8,500.00 that alot to shoot a fox ................... but the spec is really good what else could you use it for ?????????????????????

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    Clive Ward also sell GSCI thermal scopes. They are overpriced for what they are.
    If you want a high spec (640x480 17micron core) scope you're far better off with one of Clives WT1 series
    He does a 640x480 17 micron core with 75mm f 1 lens for Ģ4950
    I use one and it's way better than anything else I've looked through



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    Bruce, everytime you say that I have doubts again!

    I canīt make up my mind: the Apex has the ability to memorize 3 different zeroes, and the PIP feature, but the WT1 has better quality. Since I want it to shoot far distances (up to 300 metres), the WT1 should be better, but I have 3 rifles and I would like to use it on 2 of them at least so...itīs still a little strange how difficult is to find videos of the WT1. You wouldnīt happen to have any of your hunts recorded, would you? Itīd be most helpful

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    Hi All,

    Just my 2p. The wolfhound is a 640x480 core but only available with a 50mm lens so it essentially won't do a lot more than an Apex XD75 in terms of system resolution but has less magnification (it does have better sensitivity though). I have tested them both side by side. We don't offer the Wolfhound because it isn't really of any value to the UK shooter because there are massively better options at a fraction of the price.

    My top pick for a thermal scope is the WT1 75-3 there just isn't anything to match it's system resolution, magnification, sensitivity and image quality. If you want to shoot long range with confidence (rather than firing at blobs) then this is the tool for the job. If you want wider field of view and a lower bottom end magnification with the same system resolution then the WT1 75-6 would be the one to go for.

    Search youtube for WT1 thermal and you will find plenty of videos.

    I've said it before but; I'm in a fortunate position where I can use any thermal scope from any manufacturer at any price and I choose to use a WT1 75-3. I like them so much I have even put the smaller WT1 50-3 on my .22 rimfire.


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    Thank you very much for your answer Clive. You have a pm

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