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Thread: Countryfile takes a bashing

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    That article is nearly two years old and the BBC still haven't changed the format or their ways.

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    Two years on and there's still no change there then.
    I suspect that the only way to get any change in it's contents of Countryfile and the way in which they are presented is for EVERYONE to stop watching the program, and we know that with so many blinkered and tunnel visioned townies who couldn't tell the difference between a lapwing and a pigeon watching it that just isn't going to happen!
    Bring back programs like Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves - An Honest Country and Wildlife program presented by someone who actually knew about the countryside and could get his point over in a way that we could all understand!

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    Out of Town was aimed at both urban and rural viewers, Countryfile on the other hand appears to be a dumbed down sanitised view of the countryside targeted at those who share Chris Packham's city background, I ceased watching it some years ago. Likewise Springwatch etc. where some excellent film work is spoiled by the idiotic prattlings of their celebrity presenters.

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    BBC - Biased Broadcasting Company. They will never change and are the voice of the left wing liberal elite who endorse people like Chris Packham - the acceptable face of animal rights protesters.

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    Out of Town with Jack Hargreaves. Jeez that brings back memories! Remember it being one of the few must watch programmes as a kid. Along with Top of the Pops, Tomorrow's World and the Jacque Cousteau documentaries.


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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    the idiotic prattlings of their celebrity presenters.

    That sums up a geat deal of the so called 'informative' offerings from the BBC

    It has to decide whether it is to return to being a serious/education/entertainment channel or continue as a social engineering channel

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    Was asked if I'd like to have them over for a slot on their recent Aberdeenshire prog, but declined in rather unparliamentary terms. No features- no programme, though they'll always schmooze some.

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    Jack Hargreaves is on YouTube if you want to reminisce

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