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Thread: Federal factory Moly coating : 6.5x55

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    Federal factory Moly coating : 6.5x55

    I have just had to buy a bulk order of Federal in 6.5 Swede and only found out when I got home that they had coated heads.
    I can see from some old posts that this has happened before, but are Federal now producing all of their Swede ammunition with Moly coated bullets ?

    I have home loaded for years and have only just used up my old stock of factory in that caliber. The bullets do not look like SGK - as they used to be - and I was wondering if anyone has pulled a head to see what they are.

    The packaging cast no light on its heritage, so before I do it , maybe someone else has.

    If you have shot them have you noticed and degree of fouling increase with the coating.

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    Ive used moly coated match bullets in my 308 didn't notice any difference at all

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    It should be plainly labeled "MOLY COATED". I'd send this dark horse back to the corral.~Muir

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    I bought a box recently having previously used the same round (same product code 6555B) with good results. I was surprised too to find the bullets moly coated. Haven't used them on deer but accuracy was good (as per the original), and over a V3 chrono the average velocity was around 40fps greater than the uncoated. I've still got an original empty box and just compared them. Both boxes are identical apart from a tiny addition on the rear of the new indicating the moly coating. Assuming the same loading, the new round is certainly slightly quicker (in my rifle at least).

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    I haven't got round to trying them yet as I still had some home load left for the range.
    The question that begs to be answered is , " why only 6.5 swede ?"
    I am apprehensive in using them as I am just a fuddy duddy when it comes to something out of the ordinary. I like to shoot different weights in my rifle, which is a Blaser ( .....................!)
    If I go down the route of using the black (well, gray realy) stuff, will it reflect when I use non coated bullets in the same rifle?
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