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Thread: Sticky situation

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    Sticky situation

    My 2 year old Labrador was in season when the next door neighbour called to drop off his male Lab as he went on holiday. We often look after each other's dogs, so I couldn't really say no. I thought I could keep them apart successfully though. Unfortunately on the second night, love found a way! I was woken to some scuffling and howling. I went downstairs to investigate and sure enough the dogs were coupled together and, as can happen, they got stuck! I tried a few things without success and eventually had to call the vet.

    He said: "Just end this call and put the 'phone down near them. When it rings, the dog will lose his erection and be able to withdraw."
    "Oh" says I, "Will that work?"
    The vet replied: "Well it bloody did for me".

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    Oh I say!

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