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Thread: None of that sitting by a pond Shooting

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    None of that sitting by a pond Shooting

    Olly sent me a text as the wind was too strong to here what he was saying......

    " Is it going to get any f#####g higher?"

    Reply was " Hope not lol "

    A lot of people often refer to the past, but don’t shoot in the present…..

    An hour in the field is worth a week of typing trash.....

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    hope you got an exit strategy.

    Spring tides and a storm surge ...pretty scary.

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    We were on the Humber a few years ago after dark when the moon was closest to the earth and big tide expected. It was so cold the kettle would not boil. We decided just before high tide to take a walk to the river and found a roaring spate just coming over the bank. Time for brisk walk in the opposite direction.

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