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Thread: Peroxide

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    If I get enough peroxide, how long would I need to dip a skull in it for it whiten properly?

    It would be the 12% solution

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    I've used 12% before and it took about 24hrs, although I did have to top it up with a little water as I didn't buy quite enough

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    Hi Salmo. 24hr for the skull and about 3hr for your hair.. every few hours have a look over the skull as to make sure there no cracking or bits falling off. it wont show pure white until its dry.
    GOOD LUCK Tommy

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    12% is the max they will send you without paperwork n questions they do up to 35%

    jsut got 5 ltrs
    Ive been told just brush it on and leave to dry tho this was for a more gloopy mix tho the stuff ive got is like water

    White bone boils for a few mins at a time who ive been watching for tips tho Most chemicals are not availbe here or differnt names

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    12% will do the job fine though stronger is better if you can get it, how long will depend on how old it was and how white it was after cleaning an older head will take a bit longer, overnight should be enough.

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    salmo get some kitchen roll squares and just dab with a paintbrush into any nooks and crannies and leave overnight as others have said,that way you wont use as much ,ie it wont just run off,

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    Get the gloopy stuff from a hairdresser then an old clean take away container and paint brush, then don't need the kitchen roll,just paint on & leave .
    If using kitchen paper please make sure it's plain white ! I've seen patterned stuff used and the dye from pattern went onto the skull


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    After years of using peroxide , I was recommended Sorgene 5, by local stalkers. I have ben using it with great results. In my Country store yesterday, and asked for a 5 ltr tub, as there was none on the shelf, only to be told it has been removed off the market, and they are no longer allowed to sell it. When I asked why ? I was told it is to dangerous !!.

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    If you have a business or a friend that has one, go online and order a large drum of 35% PH, make sure you have decent rubber gloves and other PPE. The stuff burns on contact with skin but it does a cracking job on heads. I did this CWD for some recently.

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    12% will do the job, cover liberally, and if you can, leave it overnight in an airing cupboard to accelerate the drying process.

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