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Thread: .204 Nosler Brass

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    .204 Nosler Brass

    I am new to reloading so any help would be good.
    The price of the Nosler brass is about £50 for 50 cases. This about the same price as 50 rounds of Hornady V max factory loads. Is it worth paying for the Noslers or buy the Factory rounds and reload those after they have been fired?
    I want to reload not for the cost saving issue more as I enjoy shooting and the idea of talor made accurate rounds is appealing. Also the enjoyment that I think reloading would give me.
    I enjoy target shooting plus the usual.

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    if the vmax don't shoot well then just buy the brass. If they are good enough for closer rabbits or whatever, then crack on with them & then your cases will fit your chamber...

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    I just use the standard horndy ammunition, and then reload them.

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    Instead manage to pick up some new and once fired Nosler Brass at a good price. I should now have enough to keep me loading for a while. Will be nice to compare the two.

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