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Thread: New Zealand - immigration

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    New Zealand - immigration

    Good Morning all,

    Just looking to see if anyone has any experience of New Zealand's gun regime.

    I am relocating overseas in the new year and am wondering whats the best option for taking over my guns.

    I have a number of shotguns, a couple off .22RF and 2 centre fire rifles.

    I have emailed NZ police and the reply was generic and not really very helpful

    The disclaimer at the bottom of the email was something along the lines of we can destroy your firearms without compensation which was not really what i wanted to see.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance


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    SD Member Taff on here relocated to NZ awhile back - so I would suggest he would be a very good starting point as will have done same through the system.
    He's in some place called Whangerai...........(in his details)


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    You will get a myriad of replies from NZ police, what I did was as follows,
    keep your UK firearms license
    turn up at the airport and ask for a temporary firearms license, for this you will need a address at which you are staying, then apply for a 10 yr license when settled, whatever happens they will not destroy your guns, but make sure they comply, no pistol grips on semi autos .
    where are you planning on settling?

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