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Thread: Making life easier - same powder for 222 and 243?

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    Making life easier - same powder for 222 and 243?

    Hi guys,

    Just got my 243 (not yet bought) and am looking into reloading for it.

    I currently use N133 to push a 50gr max out of my 222. This powder is almost out so am looking to make life easier for myself by getting the same powered for both 243 and 222.

    Has any got any recommendations on a Bit powder that can be used for both?

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    Dont bother. Any powder 'suitable' for both, will be a compromise.
    Besides, if you can't find the powder later on, thats two rifles you can't load for.

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    +1 I wouldnt bother as you will compromise both. The 243 is overbore so will need a slowerpowder whereas the 222 is not and generally is better with faster burning numbers. You run the risk of really poor performance from both rifles if you compromise and you may end up with high pressures more readily in the 243. Best to stick with a well established powder for each calibre

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    Look at Vhit's data and see what they recommend for both.~Muir

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    your best Viht powder for the 243 will be N150, so no good for 222. you may get away with Varget

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    Quote Originally Posted by 308mate View Post
    your best Viht powder for the 243 will be N150, so no good for 222. you may get away with Varget
    No bullet data so why is that the best?
    i used n140 and n160 to good effect in 243
    n133 is my choice for .222 but someone who knows more about .222 that I swears by n140
    fill the case
    seat bullet
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    The ADI manual (not an use to you i guess) shows the same powders do overlap, but only shooting heavy 222 and lighter 243, i guess it might come down to your desired bullet weight.


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    You can load the .222 with Varget and if you trickle it in and use Norma brass you can get enough in to match the velocities you can get with H4198, using 55 grain Hornady bullets.
    Then with the .243 you could load it with the 95 grain Ballistic Tip which is an excellent big game bullet in this calibre, and enough Varget to get 3000 fps without any real effort. I have done both successfully and with excellent accuracy.
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    Really why bother, if you are going to reload, just use the right powder, over time you will use just as much powder , so splash out on the two that are right for your guns rather than a compromise , its kinda lasts twice as long!

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