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Thread: The Stalking Directory March and Shoot 2008

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    The Stalking Directory March and Shoot 2008

    Hi Fellow Members,
    Can all members interested in taking part in the Charity 'March and Shoot' for Help 4 Heroes, please register their interest below. We are aiming to hold this event late September. Location to be confirmed.

    This event will be a sponsored 8 mile timed march carrying a weighted Roe sack/day bag and shooting sticks. The teams on completing the march will then go straight into a target shoot. Points will be given/deducted for the time taken for the march and the accuracy of the shooting. It is hoped that we can get at least six teams of four on the day. Age, sex or ability are not a problem, teams will be selected to reflect the abilities of the competitors.

    If you don't want to take part in the March and Shoot why not come along as a course marshal, RCO, or just to help out with the BBQ and cheer the competitors on!

    Please have a look at the H4H website.

    Many Thanks Steve.F

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    Yip interested

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    Not very fit and probably couldn't hit a barn door after a 8 mile march but count sp4rkman in.

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    what about donations?
    as there may be some on here that can't march or be there on the day to help but may like to donate to fund the event or donate to the charity
    just a thought

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    Possibly Shropshire, The Long Mynd. We are going to ask David Ryan at Minsterley Ranges to donate the range for the day., fingers crossed! Rob Mac is working on that.

    Its still early days but we are getting there. The original thread for this idea is on the Marathon thread 300wsm. I hope this helps.

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    Hi Stone,
    Well yes, members who want to donate money can either do so through the H4H website or we could organise it so that it gets added to the sites final total at the end of the event.

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