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Thread: Hunting exotic species in the UK

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    Hunting exotic species in the UK


    I just wondered if anyone knew what exotic species where available for hunting in the UK. I'm not reffering to the four species of deer that have been naturalised but animals such as Pere Davids deer etc. I believe that there are a number of deer parks in the UK that offer these animals on occasion.

    It's not something I plan on doing. And I'm not trying to start a debate on the ethics of "canned hunting" which it appears to be, I'm just interested whats available to "hunt" in blighty.


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    Pere David, Hog Deer, Manchurian Sika, Formosan Sika, Chital, Soay Sheep and I believe in one place some years back Bison, Mouflon and Blue Bull (Nilgai).

    Of course you can also take Red Stag, and all of the British species if you are so inclined. On average I believe a Gold Medal Pere David at Woburn is about 6000 not that I stalk there ( shoot there is more the truth)

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    Thanks for the reply Malc. I've read about how the Pere David became extinct in the wild at one point so I'm not surprised they carry such a hefty cull fee. They're not a great looking beast though IMHO.

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    No they look like a donkey with the antlers on back to front. They are still to be found in their native China, but are very localised in one area I believe. The venison is horrible to eat, and is best used in sausages. I have not eaten any for a long while, but it comes way down the scale compared to the other wild species we have in the UK.

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    It's my understanding that the small number of animals in China were reintroduced after they were hunted to extinction. I've only ever seen the real thing in zoos but I'm told they're very easy to approach and this was the reason for their downfall? Have you stalked a Pere Davids deer Malc? And if so, how hard are they to stalk?

    Has anyone ever tried offering canned hunting in the UK for predator species like the ranches you get in north america? Not my cup of tea at all, just curious....

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    I think that you can add boar to that list as I believe that there is (or was) a canned hunt for them in SW Scotland.

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    I have had the odd client over the years who has taken a Pere David and or Manchurian, but the last time I took a client for a Pere David was two years ago. I only use one place as its not really stalking as such, although it is fenced all the way round they are certainly not like Woburn where you shake a bucket and they walk up to you. And the Sika can be a challenge to get onto sometimes. Although Pere David themselves to me are not the sharpest tools in the box.

    You are right about PD'S becoming extinct in China, I think shortly after the boxer rebellion, but I might be wrong. I have never hunted texas or any fenced area for other game in the states, where you can shoot just about anything. I prefer fair chase, and have no desire to chase anything in a farm yard.

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    there are lots of different exotics in the UK available to hunt in parks and the likes as fair chase
    ranging from guinee fowl and american wild turkeys upto a lot of the species Malc has mentioned
    each take on a different form of hunting and excitement value
    make of that what you will
    To me I suppose it may be the only way most of us will ever get to afford and shoot the animals and birds they hav always dreamnt about with out the huge costs that accompany such hunts abroad
    in some countries you will not be able to hunt such species like PD's or even Muntjac

    Having taken a few different species including the ones that hav been regulary metioned in this thread

    i found the hardest to acheive of the 3 species in the above picture was the PD due to it's protective nature as they bunched up when danger was near, the easiest deer i hav ever stalked has got to be the CWD
    i hav shot more CWD's (all wild) in stalk to shot deer ratio than any other species
    infact i hav never blanked and never shot less than 2 in any one stalk
    others will tell a different story
    i'm not a trophy hunter as such where medals are concerned,as the picture shows
    but more where the trophy is the species it'self and the hunt I participated in
    that to me makes it special and worthwhile

    must add all the deer I shoot are part of an overall management plan and not just for fun
    before anyone starts to jump to the wrong conclusions
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    Available in the UK are:-

    Manchurian & Formosan Sika, Pere David, Axis ( Chital), Barrasingha, Sambar, Rusa, Hog deer, Soay sheep, Mouflon, various types of Goats, plus your usual 6 species of Deer.

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    And according to SR, Carminnows could also offer the rare opportunity to stalk Black Faced Sheep.

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