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Thread: 222 variation

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    222 variation

    I know its been asked before,1] is 222 that much quieter than a 243, 2] how much does a variation cost,3] can I come out one night as lamp man with some one with a 222,willing to pay if need be,
    Regards Tony.

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    I've just got a 222 and also have a 243. I've not shot them side by side yet but from first impressions the 222 is quieter and it has a much smaller Aimzonic mod on it compared with the giant P8 on the 243. Also considerably less recoil and in a much lighter set up too so all in all a better foxing set up I think. I got mine as a 1-4-1 after selling a HMR so not sure of the current cost.

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    Morning Tony, last time i got a variation i think it was 27.00, My 222 is a hell of a lot quieter than my 243,i reload mine and am using around half the powder by volume in 222 that i use in the 243 so its bound to be quieter,one of the main reasons i use the 222 for foxes is that i find i can use it in reasonably close proximity to buildings/animals without causing as much disturbance as say the 243 or 270, it just doesn't have the BOOM that larger cartridges have.
    If youre ever down to kent, drop me a lone and ill take you out with mine

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    Thank guys/gals for your kind offers and advise,just sent off my variation,not wanting to spend a fortune ..what 222 would you recommend ?

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    If it's purely for foxing at night, the cheapest rifle with a good scope. CZ or similar, my old Bruno never let me down.
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    Got to say,very impressed with west mercia police.I now have a 222,223 with mods on my ticket,turned around in just 5 days,now that good.
    So now on the look out for a nice 222,with mod/scope if poss,

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