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    hi a mate of mine has just returned from a few days stalking at cairnderry just above glentrool, he was abit concerned by the lack of deer on the ground and wondered if the fc had been in doing a spot of lamping. are any of you lads familiar with this area and if so do you know what has happened to the deer. thanks the scudd

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    hi scudd
    i was in this shoot 2 years ago ,i shot 1 buck all season i only saw 1 stag & hind ,the stag was in the field looking down to the road & roaning and chasing the cows and calfs about ,i went back the next morning to shoot him he was still there and after 3 mins jumped into the forestry never to be seen agian.i spent 7 hours on the rutting ground never saw a thing went back up
    two weeks later and the rutting groud stunk of deer but still did not see a deer.the ground is onwed by the scotish woodlands
    and lease off ,to the left of the track is where the biggest stag was shot ( out of season ) it is in the forestry office before you get to newton stawert.if your mate asks ( robert ) has any body been on he will tell you as he looks after this for a friend
    in london .i no some lads on the shot have shot big 10 points but that is hear say never saw one .when i told the chap from london i was not renewing my place he got anyoed never spoke to him since i think i was money in his back pocket .as your mate to ask the chap in london if he can join in at wateside as it is only 100 more than cairnderry and 1500 acers more and
    some clear fell araes .
    hope this helps

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